Transformer core laminations CRGO cutting line

Transformer core laminations CRGO cutting line

Product Details:

10000.00 - 100000.00 USD ($)/Set

Transformer core laminations CRGO cutting line Price And Quantity

  • 10000.00 - 100000.00 USD ($)/Set
  • 1 Millimeter

Transformer core laminations CRGO cutting line Trade Information

  • 10 Millimeter Per Month
  • 60 Days

Product Description

Transformer core laminations CRGO cutting line

The equipment technical data:

Specifications of roll

  • Applicable materials: cold rolled oriented silicon steel coil
  • Material thickness: 0.23-0.35mm
  • Material width: 40-400mm

Finished parameters

  • cut length: 350-9000mm
  • Length Tolerance: 0.20mm / 2m at constant speed
  • shear angle accuracy: 0.05
  • shear burr: 0.02mm
  • punching burr: 0.02mm

Other parameters of the equipment

  • Power supply: 380V / 50Hz
  • Installed capacity: about 24KW
  • Feeding speed: about 0-121m / min

Drive motor:

  • Feeding servo motor: AC4.5KW * 1
  • Cutting machine servo motor: AC2KW * 2
  • V machine servo motor: AC2KW * 1
  • Step servo motor: EA1KE * 1
  • Punching machine servo motor: AC2KW * 1
  • Step servo motor: EA1KE * 1
  • Row of three-phase asynchronous motor: 0.55kw * 2
  • Conveyor three - phase asynchronous motor: 1.5KW * 1
  • Three - phase asynchronous motor: 1.5KW * 1
  • Lifting three - phase asynchronous motor: 1.1KW * 1
  • Three - phase asynchronous induction motor: 1.1KW * 1
  • Three - phase asynchronous motor: 3KW * 1
  • Area of land (approx.): 14 m long and 2.5 m wide
  • Production line direction: from right to left (in the console facing the unit)
  • Equipment Color: Bean Green with yellow
  • Working surface elevation: 930mm or so
  • Host size: 4100mm * 1100mm * 1500mm
  • Discharge rack size: 1110mm * 1200mm * 850mm
  • Conveyor Size: 2500 mm * 960 mm * 1100 mm

Second, equipment composition and overview

Side guide device

The use of single vertical rails to facilitate the positioning of the tape into the length of roller device.

One side of the guide rail by the manual screw to adjust the opening and closing separately, guide rail mounted on the linear guide, the feed side of the package plastic roller two.

Width range: 40-400mm

Servo-controlled scale device

on the roller structure:

The equipment consists of roller, servomotor, timing belt reducer, base and so on.

length of pinch roller: two, the next roller for the Gcr15 material alloy steel, the quenched and tempered, polished after grinding, the outer roll on the roll of polyurethane.

Control: Delta servo drive;

drive power: Delta AC4.5KW servo motor, with the corresponding drive controller.

Upper roller can be driven and lifted manually.

High-speed servo-driven shear, Chong institutions

This equipment is a device which can press the strip quickly and obliquely according to the instruction.

Punching shear mode: The cutting mode is driven by two servomotors. Two crankshafts are driven respectively. Two upper knives are cut from top to bottom. The shearing speed is determined by the motor speed. The O-type press is driven by the servo motor. Crankshaft driven by the upper punch from the top down V-hole, V-type punch by the servo motor drive the crankshaft driven by the top-down punching V-notch.

Blade material: Carbide (tungsten steel) Zhuzhou Diamond brand.

V-type punching and cutting tools, guide mechanism, crankshaft, servo motor, drive motor: Delta (AC2.0KW4 only) Servo motor (2 sets) , With Taiwan to the corresponding drive controller.

Transmission and automatic receiving agencies

transmission transmission mechanism, automatic receiving device.

Transmission mechanism is an AC2.2KW ordinary motor drive belt will be iron-chip by the punching and cutting institutions to the receiving body of the excessive equipment.

Automatic feeding device is to transport the iron chip over the organization of the rationale, through the pneumatic opening and closing device will be different shapes of two kinds of sheet-shaped automatic separation of neat automatic stacked on the material in Taiwan. The body consists of a AC2.2KW and a 1.1KW ordinary motor as the driving force.

Processing speed (length 700mm equipment power 70% of cases)

  • Edge piece, yoke about 18 pairs / min (punching)
  • Edge piece, yoke about 23 pairs / min (no holes)
  • About 26 pairs / min (punching)
  • Bilateral sheet about 30 pairs / min (no hole)
  • In the column of about 32 tablets

Third, the basic mechanical engineering equipment

  • Placed in the plane to be fixed.
  • No buffer pits are required between the discharge unit and the unit.
  • purchased parts and major suppliers or list of origin

Serial number of purchased parts manufacturer or brand name Remarks

  • Rolling bearings Harbin
  • Cutter Diamond Carbide
  • V-type punching, punching diamond brand Carbide
  • Servo motor Delta
  • servo control system Delta motion control system
  • linear linear guide made
  • ball linear guide made
  • inverter Delta

In this case,

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

d rolled oriented silicon steel coil

Material thickness: 0.23-0.35mm

Material width: 40-40

Fifth, durability and after-sales service:

  • The equipment within one year from the date of acceptance, the equipment is in the normal operation of the buyer, use and maintenance conditions, one year free warranty.
  • 1.1 to provide spare parts inventory, wearing parts spare number
  • 1.2 to provide the appropriate training (equipment operation training staff of two, board and lodging is responsible for side), and is responsible for site installation and commissioning,
  • 1.3 equipment failure promptly notify the supplier, please telephone or fax equipment to inform the Ministry of Technology in detail, to resolve the best telephone communication, if the phone can not be resolved, the two sides agreed to rush to the scene within the agreed time resolved.

Non-warranty coverage.

  • The scope of warranty does not include equipment failure caused by improper operation of the buyer.
  • Without the written consent of the seller, the buyer shall modify the delivered equipment and related accessories.
  • Expenses for consumables and consumables.
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