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Foil Winding Machine Professional In Reactor

Foil Winding Machine Professional In Reactor
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Product Code : 8479811000
Product Description

Foil Winding Machine Professional In Reactor

Foil winding machine is suitable for foil winding of all types of small and medium sized distribution transformer, instrument transformer, reactor coils and similar process foil winding. Especially suitable for the amorphous alloy transformer and wound core transformer rectangular foil winding.

Main Features:

  • The tension of the decoiler is stable and it's controlled by pneumatic element. Foil and layer insulation tape whether in the winding or back are applied to a constant tension to avoid loss caused by the coil tightness. Stepless adjustment of the pressure size ensure that the whole winding process constant tension.
  • Adopts our researched and developed source program and operation program, all production factors of winding, error correct, circle control, etc. Different instructions are supported by PLC control system after calculation. It is carried out and achieved by each system.
  • Operating person only touch the screen of computer-human interface and input related working parameter, the same specification workpiece can be finished processing in large quantity.
  • It is also operated by manual through control button, including inching, continuous moving.
  • The system can store up to 30 sets of coil data for easy operation. The counter can count the winding process manually, when only wind the insulating layer, you can stop counting conveniently.
  • The equipment has network communication function, easy to upgrade the system and follow-up automation program update maintenance.
  • With automatic adjustment of the servo function.


Cangzhou Industrial Zone, Cangzhou - 061000, Hebei, China
Mr Owen Ge (Director)

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