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Transformer oil vacuum treatment equipment

Transformer oil vacuum treatment equipment
Transformer oil vacuum treatment equipment
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Product Description

Transformer oil vacuum treatment equipment


This plant has big treating capacity for degassing and filtering insulation oil (or silicon oil) used in super high voltage grade 35kV~1000kV oil-immersed instrument transformers, transformers and capacitors.


  • The plant is equipped with a crude oil tank with adequate volume for storing crude oil; The tank has functions such as metering, max. & min. level controlling, breathing and sewage discharging, etc.
  • Equipped with 2 sets vacuum degassing tanks (6 – 12tons), which is has functions such as heating, temperature keeping, max. & min. level controlling, etc.
  • Equipped with clean oil storing tank for storing qualified oil after treated.
  • Adopts mutual filtering or single filtering process.
  • Combined with filtering function of vacuum oil filter, increases the filtering result.
  • Equipped with advanced and reliable vacuum system, heating system and measuring & control system to make sure accurate and reliable control.
  • Pipeline layout is reasonable, can be extended to join with vacuum oil-filling system, recycling system and crude oil system outside of factory to become a complete oil system.
  • Processing capacity: 6-12m3/h
  • Performance value of electric insulating oil after treatment:
  • Voltage withstanding: ≥65kV (under standard electrode)
  • Moisture content: ≤5ppm
  • Air content: ≤0.2
  • Filtering fineness: ≤3μm
  • Gas chromatograph: C2H2=0, H2 ≤5ppm, total hydrocarbon ≤0.4ppm.

Process flow

Preparation phase:

  • Crude oil
  • crude oil tank
  • vacuum oil filter (or plate-frame oil filter)
  • vacuum degassing tank (close the inlet valve when the vacuum degassing tank is full of oil).

Filtering phase:

  • Filtering mode (mutual filtering): vacuum degassing tank
  • filter (vacuum oil filter or other filter) vacuum degassing tank
  • circulated degassing between both vacuum degassing tanks till the sampling is accepted degassed oil tank.

Oil feeding:

Keep the temperature of degassed oil tank within 60±5℃, the degassed oil can be transported by oil pump to each oil filling ports after received the oil filling signal from control system.

Other requirements:

The level meter in degassed oil tank can really show the quantity of oil in the tank.

  • Automatic constant temperature, the heating system will control the temperature of oil in degassed oil tank within 60±5℃ automatically.
  • Maximum & minimum level meter in each tank has alarm and protection functions.
  • Vacuum system has both auto and manual control modes.
  • Auto and manual control modes, necessary protection, alarm and other functions are available in each phase.
  • The mutual filtering can be transformed automatically, no need operator to watch over the operation, it is safe and reliable.
  • Processing capacity: ≥6000L (adjustable as per requirement).
  • Operating vacuum: ≤10-100Pa (adjustable as per the characteristics of product).
  • Ultimate vacuum: ≤10Pa
  • Pressure of oil filling: 0.15MPa±0.01MPa (adjustable).
  • Operating temperature of oil: 60±5℃
  • Filter fineness: ≤5µm
  • Pumping speed of vacuum unit: 2000m3/h
  • Pumping speed of oil pump: ≥6m3/h (adjustable as per requirement).
  • Usable capacity of vacuum degassing tank: 612 m3 (as per the requirement).


Cangzhou Industrial Zone, Cangzhou - 061000, Hebei, China
Mr Owen Ge (Director)

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