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Transformer Testing Equipment

Transformer is one of the costly and essential equipments in any electrical and other sector. It should be kept in right working conditions to ensure maximum efficacy and minimum wastage of money as well as time. Hence, they should be tested from time-to-time to ensure proper working. This range of high-tech Transformer Testing Equipment is ideal to analyze and test any form and model of transformer to maintain its dielectric, magnetic, thermal and other components robust. These equipments are designed to check the whole condition of the transformers from windings, insulation, core, tap changers, CTs, surge arresters, etc. They are designed to check the characteristic strength of the parts along with finding out the deficiency.

This versatile array of equipment is available with touch screen, user-friendly features and accurate results showing design to significantly improve the bottom line of checking as well as testing process.

Features of Transformer Testing Equipment:

  • Simple and user-friendly to uniquely combine intelligent systems for providing accurate results  
  • Smart interface with durable switchbox to make the process easy of carrying out individual tests
  • Portable designs enclosed in durable and heavy-duty metal cases
  • Reduces installation and breakdown time with compact designs having high-durability
  • Enhance safety and security with intelligent UI
Product Image (9030820000)

Partial Discharge Test Equipment For Power Transformer Testing

This system is used for measuring partial discharge of transformer, motor, instrument transformer, cable, GIS, switch and arrester, etc.

Product Image (9030820000)

Automatic Integrated Test System For Testing Power Transformer

This system is used for testing series performance and parameters for single phase and three phase power transformers and distribution transformers.

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Impulse Voltage Generator For Power Transformer Testing

This system is used for lightning impulse voltage full wave, chopped wave and operating impulse voltage testing to check the insulation performance.

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Transformer winding deformation tester

  • Product Type:Electrical Transformer
  • High Voltage:500 Volt (V)
  • Low Voltage:25 Volt (V)
  • Material:Detect the deformation of high voltage transformer

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Mr Owen Ge (Director)

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